What's the difference?

- Brad Nailer vs. Finish Nailer -
What's the Difference?

Brad Nailer
Finish Nailer
Nail Type Shoots finer gauge nails, up to 2" length Shoots heavier gauge nails, up to 2-1/2" length
Best Uses Smaller trim molding to prevent splitting and provide a cleaner look. Lighter projects that require a delicate look and touch rather than putting stress on the nail. Best choice for larger crown and baseboard trim. Heavy duty projects under stress loads.
Suited For Carpenters, Furniture Builders, Cabinet Makers, Crafts, DIY'ers Carpenters, Furniture Builders, Cabinet Makers, DIY'ers
Other Differences Smaller nail head, easy to conceal. Delicate nail. Larger nail head, sturdy

Finish Nailers